Version 8.1 > SlideBuilder Timing issue


10/13/2014 9:18:31 AM
I start out by building a slide show using the Photo Slides Assistant with the slides changing every 20 seconds identically.  All is well and the slide show works perfectly.  Then I decide to change the slide timing so they are all 10 seconds identically by going back into Slide Builder and editing the file.  For some reason, even when Slide Builder shows I have changed the timing to 10 seconds they still play at 20 seconds after saving and closing Slide Builder.  Am I missing something or is this a glitch?

10/13/2014 1:46:57 PM
Did you just change this is Slide Builder or did you rerun the Photo Slides Assistant?

I recommend that you rerun the Assistant (R-Click on the slideshow file name and select (Rerun Slide Assistant) and change the timing there.  This will make sure the setting propagates to all the slides.

10/13/2014 1:59:04 PM
I made the change in Slide Builder. Rerunning the Assistant works well. Thanks for the tip.

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