Version 5.5 > Preview & Edit buttons


6/27/2005 11:10:30 AM

Could we have these buttons included in the Forum so we can make ourselves look better? Like seeing how something looks, and then the ability to correct something we didn't fully proof-read.

Edit would also come in handy if we feel the need to clarify a post that was made.


For some reason I wasn't seeing the edit button before. Maybe it's time for an eye exam.


6/27/2005 12:28:52 PM

There is an 'edit' feature that you will only see when looking at your own posts.. I used it several times

That is how I preview, by submitting and fixing it.

6/30/2005 1:00:52 PM
Sorry about the non-perfect forum interface.  I'm working to try and get this customized enough to make it fun and not too 'blah'.     After things settle down a little bit I will be diving into writing my own and will be able to customize this forum as much as is needed.  Let me know if there are specific features that you would like.

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