Version 8.1 > Single trigger to start different videos on separate displays


10/16/2014 11:11:02 AM

My need is to start two different videos at the same time, one running on the main projector and one on a secondary projector.  They are both tied to a single soundtrack, it does not matter which video it is on, or if it is itself independent.  One video is a teleprompter for the choir (I have normally done this as an mpg as easier, but could try it through an SSP slide show, if necessary, which I did one year) and the other video is a P&W style video (without any words) for the congregation to watch.  Having both synced to the soundtrack is preferable.  If necessary, having the P&W on our second projection computer and just starting both at the same time would suffice.

From the other posts, I did not see this exact question, but the answers indicate that two independent outputs cannot be tied to the same trigger.  Is this correct?

Thanks for your help.

10/16/2014 5:12:25 PM
Correct - currently there is no way to sync the triggers for multiple displays - except the Stage Display - but that is not really the same thing.

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