Version 8.4 > clear screen still broken


3/28/2018 8:27:01 AM
It has been mentioned before that, starting about vs. 8, the "clear screen" keypad
shortcut (* key) began operating like the following example:
v1 on screen; * pushed; screen clears; decide to go to the chorus
by clicking in the media control panel or program panel; screen 'un-clears'
with v1 before presenting the chorus. Very disturbing and unprofessional.
In prior versions, clicking on any item in the program, after 'clear screen,' presented
that item without the flash of the item that was cleared. Not only that, but the
default transition worked no matter how the items were selected -- forward, backward,
from songs to slides, slides to scripture, etc.

So now using multiple blank slides in songs and slide shows, and Matt. 18:11 in
scriptures, is the only way to have the previous functionality. I can't believe
that anyone would purposely want a flash of a previous slide before going to
the next presentation. You can say what you want about why this might
be good, but it is a BUG to me and makes the clear screen key (*) almost

To the few who visit this site now: sorry for the useless rant.

3/31/2018 1:11:33 PM
I have to second this. It is very frustrating. I now have to waste time sliding the song to the end and click the blank slide for that particular song when the MD does something unplanned and I need to figure out where she's going. I can no longer tap the asterisks key to quickly clear the wrong lyrics off the screen.

I have found that SSP gives the option to not display the lyrics or the reference for a scripture. I have started using this display setting to have blank slide between scriptures, to maintain the 'Scripture Background Settings'.

3/31/2018 3:29:08 PM
Thanks for the response, Gary. I have been wondering if there was anyone
still left (besides Joel ) on these forums. This "bug" is particularly aggravating
in that it once worked perfectly, and then someone broke it. Now no one knows
how (or cares) to fix it. We have another group using our church and they are using
ProPresenter. I probably will get a "taste" of that as they become more active.

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