Version 8.4 > Pan/zoom goofiness


4/2/2018 2:08:34 PM
I may be one of the only people that uses the pan/zoom effect very much,
but I find it useful in many situations. Several versions ago (maybe vs. 7) I complained about
the screwy interface for this effect and the techs set about and changed it so
the effect, its self, is much less useful. When mentioned this, it was admitted
that it needed work, but that they would probably allow the older version of
the effect to be used also. That never happened. The old version had a poor interface,
but was logical and very versatile. The new one has a nice interface, but is illogical
and quite limited in functionality. I've given up on this ever being fixed, so here I
give some hints on its use.

The percent zoom makes no sense whatsoever and must have been programmed
by someone who never used zoom in photography or otherwise. Of course, in
photography 100% zoom (or 1x magnification) means the original size, that is, no
zoom. Rarely people will use it to mean 2x magnification. Here's a table for the SSB
pan/zoom effect (where the first number is SSB % and the second is photographic
% zoom or 100 times the magnification:

10=166; 20=250; 30=330; 50=500; 70=670; 100=1000. So, for example, 100% is
equal to 10x magnification.

If you use this effect, you will probably want to preview often in order to get it correct.
I found that periodically the preview if incorrect. So if it looks strange in the preview,
try it again.

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