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10/23/2014 2:24:46 PM
I believe I understand this, but want to confirm that what I want is not part of the design. Correct me if I am wrong. 
There can be up to 4 projection displays (as well as a control display; and I'm not sure how Stage Display(s) fits into this.) And there can be up to 4 programs. Each program is assigned to a display output.
I am looking for a way that Display 1 can be showing Program 1, and Display 2 can be showing Program 2. (I think that is how it works now.) But then, at some point in time, I want Display 1 and 2 to both be showing Program 1.
Or even: have 2 screens in our Sanctuary and one in the lobby. Before the service, have a countdown (Program 1) on Screen 1 and announcements  (Program 2) on Screen 2 and Lobby. When the service starts, switch Display 2 to Program 1 (songs, scripture, etc. on both screens), and have live video (Program 2) in the Lobby. (No live video in Sanctuary.) Wish list?
I know this can be done externally, but not seamlessly. I am looking for a way SSP can assign each display output to any program on-the-fly.

10/24/2014 11:25:56 AM
An interesting idea. What you're essentially asking is the capability for the a media item to be presented simultaneously on two separate displays (i.e. two separate outputs). For SSP to do this, it's one thing to consider, and certainly a possibility, if we only address SSP-rendered graphics. However, attempting to also accommodate the external players for PowerPoint, web pages, and DVD complicates the issue considerably.

In the meantime, however, using an external switcher for your Display 2, while not "seamless", is a fairly simple solution to implement.

10/27/2014 11:41:07 AM
Forgive me for discussing this here, since it is really a wish list item, but I already started (and got a nice response).
I had another thought on this. What if you maintained the 1-to-1 relationship between programs and display outputs, but had a display item in a Program which said "Mirror Other Program," with a selection of all other programs except the one containing this item. As long as that item was active in Program 2, for example, Program 2, and thus Display 2, would show whatever was being shown in, say, Program 1. (You'd have to do something so that Program 2 wasn't trying to mirror Program 1, which was trying to mirror Program 2!)

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