Version 8.4 > Video orientation HELP!


4/28/2018 3:24:33 PM
Hi gang,

I have a portrait oriented video that plays correctly in Windows media player, but when I go to run it in SSP, it rotates it 90 degrees for our second monitor.  Any help would be appreciated!

4/28/2018 3:49:47 PM
You have it in a program, right? If you right-click on the video item in the program and select "Slide Properties," and then "Video Effects and Layout..." it should pop-up a window for "Slide Properties: Video." Then, under Property Groups, select (check mark) "Video Effects and Layout." Select the "Effects" tab. Under the "Add Effect" button there should be "Rotate" option. Click it and Rotate should be added to the "Selected Effects" list. Select 90 (or -90) degrees using the spinners, the slider, or the dropdown. Then click the "Apply" or the "Apply/Close" button.

4/28/2018 7:17:27 PM
Thanks William!  I knew it would be somewhere deep in the settings!


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