Version 8.4 > Display settings after Windows update


5/20/2018 11:55:36 AM
Windows updated Wednesday night and totally messed up all the display settings. Has anyone else had this issue and been able to resolve it?



5/21/2018 8:06:07 AM
Windows decided to update the projection PC 20 minutes before the service was to start.
Twenty-one minutes later I was back up! Scary. I didn't run across any major glitches -- yet.

5/21/2018 2:39:34 PM
I had to back the last Windows 7 updates off as we were blue screening 5 minutes after sign on consistently.

I've heard the latest Windows 10 major upgrade.

On a related note, I always run Windows update on Friday's while I'm over at the church for prep, so I don't have to worry about updates right before/during services.

Also, if you are running Windows 10, you can go to the Windows Update settings and set the "Active Hours" that tells Windows when not to update.

5/22/2018 12:04:42 PM
Good suggestions, Joel; I am often reminded of them AFTER a glitch!

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