Version 8.4 > Mobile Control update with 5/22 SSP update?


5/24/2018 10:37:55 AM
Joel Osborn asked:

"Would the android app have automatically updated?"

Joel - I am not sure I follow.  Are you asking if the Mobile Control App would update due to this SSP update?

There were no changes to the app.

5/24/2018 9:45:42 PM
I went to update the mobile app and the play store says it's already installed. Most of my other apps automatically download and install updates when they become available.

Version 1.05 is currently installed on my phone.

5/29/2018 8:46:13 AM
OK - I see.  The auto update from the app store would be in your local settings and certainly would update when they become available if you have that set.  For our part, the last update to MC was on 3/14 and there have been no changes since then to MC.  The recent update to SSP had no changes related to the app. 

Hopefully that answers your question.

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