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10/8/2017 11:20:30 AM
Is there an update for the mobile apps to make them compatible for iOS 11? The Presenter App currently does not work on iOS 11

10/10/2017 12:41:09 PM
A replacement for the presenter app (SongShow Mobile Control) has been built and already deployed for Android. We are attempting to get it deployed for iOS 11 but have encountered difficulties that have delayed this process.
The problem with the older Presenter app is that iOS 11 dropped support for all 32-bit apps.
It is our understanding that Apple provided ample warning to users that iOS 11 would not support 32-bit apps as well as tools to check apps to see if they would be compatible before updating to iOS 11.
It also appears that there is no supported method to rollback iOS 11 to an earlier version.

11/9/2017 8:08:33 PM
So are you making progress?

11/12/2017 9:05:51 AM
We users should not have to delay in upgrading our operating software because one app will not work... the road for communication and development goes both ways. If they were telling users about compatibility then the app developers should have had enough pre-warning to re-design for 64 bit and get it deployed. Do you have an ETA when it will be available

12/13/2017 7:17:00 AM
So, is there a reason for crickets chirping on this subject? Are you going to support iOS 11? If not please let us know! I love Song Show, however, feel a little uncomfortable with no communications!

12/19/2017 4:22:09 AM
I have some good news. We are now able to build the new iOS Mobile Control app for SSP. We will begin testing it soon and submit it to the app store shortly after the testing is complete.

12/27/2017 11:52:15 AM
Thank you for the update!!  Look forward to getting our app back!

2/1/2018 10:41:52 AM
Ok, still awaiting long anticipated up date to restore the iOS app....update? Do I need to purchase a second license if I can find an old non apple device so we can utilize our program remotely?

2/11/2018 9:35:05 PM
It’s painful to wait this long

2/15/2018 11:56:28 AM

Sorry for the long wait but we are now in testing of an iOS 64-bit version of the SongShow Mobile Control App.

A quick heads up on this to set your expectations:

This is not a re-build of the previous SongShow Plus Presenter App, but rather a brand new SongShow Mobile Control App.

The new app will be free to download and will require a current subscription of SongShow Plus 8.4 or higher.
The new app will support multiple display controls rather than just one - this was by far the most requested app feature.

Once testing is complete the app will be posted and an update to SongShow Plus 8.4 will be made as well.

We do appreciate your patience on this - Stay Tuned for more updates.

2/25/2018 8:11:05 AM
Yeah, just learned that this morning. Glad I found the Forum to let me know what's happening with that. We here are looking forward to the new App and waiting patiently for it's release as we need to use it with our new iPads. Thanks!

2/28/2018 1:01:05 PM
So, do you need volunteers for beta testing? I would be willing!

3/6/2018 5:33:03 PM
The SongShow Mobile Control app for iOS is complete and has been submitted to Apple for release in the App Store.

Check back for updates.

3/6/2018 6:22:41 PM
Historically how long does that normally take to get published

3/14/2018 11:30:28 AM
Thanks for your patience.

The new SongShow Mobile Control app for iOS is now available in the App Store.

3/15/2018 7:32:01 AM
Is there anything unique we need to do to configure this...

1) were on same wi-fi
2) note in program talks about 8.4 update from 3/1/18.... but i have the 8.5 Beta version we have been using... does it work with that version?
3) i even tried the Host/Port option and received an error.

3/15/2018 1:01:38 PM
Hi Jarad.

The current build of 8.5 will not work with the SongShow Mobile Control app yet.  There will be an update to that at some point but for now if you want to use the SongShow Mobile Control app you will need to use the 3/1 build of 8.4.

Also of note - there is a glitch in the current 8.5 build that prevents updating the prior version of 8.4.  If you are going to update/use the 3/1 version of 8.4 you will need to uninstall 8.5 first, update 8.4 then reinstall 8.5 (if you want to continue looking at that) to get everything up to date. 

Remember, you will have to use a licensed and current subscription of 8.4 to connect with the SongShow Mobile Control app.

If you still have trouble contact the support team.


3/23/2018 11:14:30 AM
I can say I am a little disappointed at this new version. we lost the ability to change backgrounds with the IMPROV feature we paid extra for and its a little clumsy compared to how it was built before. I personally don't see any benefit for me using the new app at this point as there are other features that we used also not there...

3/31/2018 2:09:08 PM

I totally agree. We can no longer add songs on the fly from the platform which is the main reason we used the app and one of the main reasons I purchased SSP in the first place. Thank goodness I still have an iPad with the older IOS with the original Presenter app.


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