Version 8.1 > subscription renewed but cant get to downloads


11/16/2014 8:29:11 AM
Renewed subscription last month.  Can't get to the download page or subscriber forums.

PS.  How do I get a receipt for the renewal  other than a line on my Discover Card bill?

11/16/2014 8:32:30 AM

You have to renew your profile. I will find the "How To:" and post it here in a minute.

11/16/2014 8:39:06 AM

If the link below doesn't take you to your profile, Click your name at the top right of the page (above the search box, next to "logout"). The verify that your license info is up to date and click the Save/Update Customer ID Information. 


11/19/2014 10:31:53 AM

All the downloads are now on the website and are accessible with the ID log in.  As far as the subscriber forums, you should contact the support team so they can gather your info and we can check your access to the site.

11/19/2014 12:58:18 PM

After a little digging I was able to find your info I needed.

Your SSPlash access should be updated now.

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