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7/29/2005 2:19:04 PM
I have a few questions.  I was wondering, is there place I can download just specific promodules and how could i get them to work on a different computer.  The computer we use with the projector does not have internet access.  So its kind of hard to get files, update, etc... to it, but I was wondering, how I could get just specific promodules or do they all come as one?  Then when i get them, how do i add them?  Thanks


7/29/2005 3:17:09 PM
Posted By FSBCMan on 07/29/2005 2:19 PM
I have a few questions.  I was wondering, is there place I can download just specific promodules and how could i get them to work on a different computer.  The computer we use with the projector does not have internet access.  So its kind of hard to get files, update, etc... to it, but I was wondering, how I could get just specific promodules or do they all come as one?  Then when i get them, how do i add them?  Thanks


I had to also install Songshow Plus on our youth computer which does not have an internet connection.  You can download specific promodules from the songshow plus download page here:  You'll have to input your promodule subscription number and then once you get to the site, you can pick which promodules you want to download.  When you click on them and save them, it'll ask you where you want to save them.  What I did was download them to a jump drive.  I have a jump drive that can hold 1 gig so it is pretty large.  You could also download them to a CD if you have a CD burner.  Once you have done that, alls you have to do is click on the promodule and I believe it installs itself.  Let us know how everything works out!

7/29/2005 5:02:56 PM
ok, i enter my promodules id number, and then i scroll down till i get to
Click here to view the list of available ProModules.
then i go there and theres nothing to click on to download.  what do i do?

7/29/2005 6:27:29 PM
Maybe best to give Tech support a quick phone call and let them talk you through it..


7/30/2005 5:36:35 AM
I went there also and there are no download buttons.  Definitely call tech support, something is wrong.

7/30/2005 10:53:15 AM
Actually, this change was made about a year ago in repsonse from many who compained about having to download each module individually. 

One problem with individual downloads is that some modules rely on other modules to be installed or updated first.  Other modules rely on updates of either the RME or SSP. 

If you use the WebUpdate link, you can download and install only the modules you want and be sure that any other depended modules are also downloaded. 

If you want to download modules and take them to a non-connected machine, then the only safe way to do this is to download the complete set file.  This way you are sure to have any other required modules.

The best solution: Do what ever it takes to get Internet access to all of your machines!

7/30/2005 12:09:04 PM
Well, because of troubles with our youth computer we really don't want the youth to have internet access so we'll have to somehow keep updating it manually by downloading the whole program I guess.  I have fixed that computer many times and at the moment it is down again.  They just keep changing settings on it or something.  I need to look at it again this week . . .

7/30/2005 12:50:55 PM
Can you take away the Admin passwords?

Give the users just user accounts and keep the Admins for you and those you trust.

We are considering doing that with our projection area computer. But things seem to have settle down with a few verbal warnings.

7/30/2005 12:53:57 PM
Yeah, we've done that.  It is a long story.  Their internet connection never has worked well because we have wireless and because of the building so we have struggled with all those issues. We'd have to get them an antenna or booster of some type.  Unfortunately, I cannot get them to quit playing with the extended desktop and video card settings.  This youth computer has taken up soooo much of my time and I'm a volunteer so I only work on it when I have time.  That is part of the problem.

7/30/2005 1:01:25 PM
You should be able to set some local policies so that users can't change video or desktop settings.

If you have a Windows domain (active directory), you can lock things down pretty tight. But it sounds like you are just using local accounts on your machine.

Still, you should be able to invoke some local policies with some well placed reg hacks, even without a Windows domain. But it would take some research.

7/30/2005 5:52:38 PM
Yeah, I know that except it is a lot more complicated than it seems because of the network and wireless network and Windows XP pro and I don't have the necessary time to devote to this. 

7/30/2005 7:03:38 PM
What I have done on all of our machines is have an admin account (administrator privileges, of course) and appropriate user accounts (limited type). Then I use a utility to change the registry values of certain parameters. When a user right-clicks on the desktop, there is no settings tab. On one machine there is no screen saver tab, either.

I haven't done this, but if you wanted to restrict access to the internet, use Windows Explorer to move Internet Explorer from the "All Users" start menu - program to the "admin" start menu, - programs, and then delete all short cuts from the user account into IE. Not fool-proof but will go a long way.

Actually, in one of my books somewhere is an explanation of how to change numerous parameters to keep people for changing values they shouldn't be; the kind of things you would do if you took that computer to a trade show and you wanted to restrict users in many different ways. I haven't done most of them, but it is something you can consider.

7/30/2005 7:31:06 PM
Lee, I'm interested in what this book is called and where i might be able to obtain one, I am in the process of getting ready to talk to our deacons to see if it is possible to get the internet.  They are very sceptical but i think i might be able to.  Also i would like to be able to add users but we have so many people that want to be trained on our system its rediculous.  and it would be pointless to add users.(which i really want to)  but if you wouldn't mind, if i could get thet name of that book, or what ever it may be.  Have a good day!

7/30/2005 7:54:15 PM
I found a program called "I Protect You" on the internet.  It allows you to determine which users get internet access while still giving the restricted users access to your local network.  I loaded it on my home computer and my 18 year old son could not get around it.  People have stopped messing with the projection PC once they found out they can't get on the net.  Pretty good security for about $30.00.

7/30/2005 8:08:18 PM
that sounds like what i want,   did you just download it, or do they have it in stores anywhere?

Modify:Why i ask is because my parents are to big on ordering stuff off the internet, but i can pay by money order  when we get the internet, that is a when i just might have to try that out

7/30/2005 8:23:57 PM
Check out  You can down load it and try it free for 14 days.  I sure like it.  The cool part is that only the program administrator can change the settings.  No one else.

I don't know if it's in stores but the web site does offer an address if you want to mail a check.

7/30/2005 8:29:12 PM
but the thing is, that we use the computer and everyone just used the user admin account.  not everyone has their own log in name, which i really want to change but i dont think i can cause EVERYONE want to get in there and get their hands on it

7/30/2005 8:40:30 PM
At this point the church board must decide the projections must be protected at all costs.  You then change the password for the administrator and keep it secret (only for those that need to know).

Then set up 2 user accounts... one that allows internet access and one that does not.  The board decides who needs access and they are told that password.  Most other users get told the other password.  You can also set up a guest account.  Those users don't get access to the local network either.

People who think they need the internet can use another PC then copy their stuff to the projection PC.  We have people who don't like it.  (They wanted to play internet games.)  The alternative is to take a chance on catching a virus that eats your hard drive during the sermon and takes 2 weeks to get the PC back from repair.  That happened to us once.

7/30/2005 8:57:18 PM
Yea, im really big about security, but most of the deacons we have dont understand a bit about the computer or internet or anything, so its really hard to convince them about stuff.  and we cant do users right not because everyone wants in there and if they cant get on it they will be mad.  but that is an idea, we can set up 2 users, but the problem i run into is if i use the limited account it messes up, it still lets the user into programs, but when they close out it says access is denied.  i have gone throught all the policies but i cant find anything.  right now im thinking of the user account, there are only 3 people i can think of that need to know the admin password, cause the board wouldn't know what to do with it  its say to say.  but there are 3 of us that really only need to access the internet, and if they need to the can contact on of us.  but i guess the first thing i need to do before i get ahead of myself is to talk with the deacons about getting the internet. cause if we can't that just stinks!!!!!

7/30/2005 9:21:53 PM
You could try gpedit.msc. I haven't used it on our Projection PC, but I did create an image to be used on "kiosk" PCs with it.

I had that PC locked down so hard, the only website that could be access was the ICE website. There was a MS help link that worked, but it didn't let you go anywhere else. Once the PC was turned on it logged on with the default account automatically and IE opened to the ICE website. The only other options besides browsing the ICE website were to log off, or shutdown. When you logged on as Administrator, Group Policy wasn't applied, so you had full functionality.

The only problem with GPEdit.msc in a non-domain environment is you can only edit it for about 10 minutes at a time. Windows will apply the Group Policy every 15 minutes. If it applies while your working, you will all of a sudden get access denied. You basically have to have the file permissions (on the Group Policy folder) ready to change to Deny for the Administrator account. After about 10 minutes, you apply that permission, and reboot. After you log in, you remove the Deny permissions so you can open GPEdit.msc and continue. There is supposed to be a setting that tells GP not to apply every 15 minutes, but I found that it doesn't always work.

GPEdit.msc is only available in Pro, not Home, so you have to have XP Pro to use it.

As far as accounts go, I have two admin accounts and one user account. The user account is the one SSP runs on. We haven't found it necessary to get stringent with computer poilicy because of the location of the projection PC. It's up in the balcony, and most people forget that it is there. Even the music director forgets to use it when needing to do certain tasks. About the only person that uses it besides me is the sound guy (43 year old teen). He will sometimes play solitaire on the big screen. I really do need to get people interested in running SSP. I can't always be there.


7/30/2005 9:27:21 PM
so the gpedit.msc we have pro on our computer at the church, the projection computer, where is that located, and its pretty simple to use?  is it self explanitory?

7/30/2005 9:38:22 PM
Posted By FSBCMan on 07/30/2005 9:27 PM
so the gpedit.msc we have pro on our computer at the church, the projection computer, where is that located, and its pretty simple to use?  is it self explanitory?
Click STart>Run
Type gpedit.msc
click OK

For help, your best bet is to google GPEdit.msc. Search for things like apply only to users. don't apply to administrator.

If I was to lock down the Projection computer, I would allow access to IE only for the purpose of, and to only run SSP. Fortunately, I don't have to do that yet.


7/30/2005 10:14:08 PM
thanks everyone for your help

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