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2/16/2018 3:44:16 PM

I finally got my phone to talk with our projection machine. The Remote control and stage monitor work. But when I try to access Current Program, I get

Access violation at address CCD0949E, accessing address 00000008.

This is with Android version 7.0 on a Moto X Pure Edition 2015.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the APP.

2/19/2018 2:53:01 PM
Thanks Joel.

We are aware of this issue and it is fixed in the next build that is under test right now.

There will be a What's New post update when this is available.


2/25/2018 6:41:38 PM
Thanks. Looking forward to it.

3/6/2018 5:28:49 PM
This has been corrected and is now available in the Play Store.  FYI - An updated to SSP 8.4 dated 3/1 is also available and is required for this to work correctly.

3/6/2018 7:46:01 PM
Yes! I just updated both and it seems to be working real well.


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