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12/14/2018 8:57:50 AM
It appears that SSP does not show any words in a song title that are enclosed in parentheses.
A song title is "Joyful (The One Who Saves)" but when song is displayed, only "Joyful" shows on the display. This is a problem because the entire song title is "Joyful (The One Who Saves)"...

Is there a way to change this behavior? I feel like I've been through every menu, but cannot seem to find any option that controls this.

12/14/2018 12:50:26 PM
I believe this is by design, so multiple songs with the same title can be distinguished (e.g. by author, first line, or with 1, 2, 3, etc.) without it showing on screen. Could you use square brackets instead? Perhaps a wishlist item to allow double parens to display as single?

12/14/2018 7:51:56 PM
Actually there are a number of characters, not just (, which will stop further display on the screen.
Square brackets will work OK.

12/17/2018 11:59:20 AM
To confirm William's response - Yes, this behavior is by design.  There are no settings available to change the behavior.

12/20/2018 11:56:49 AM
This is actually very handy - it allows you to add short notes to the title without them
being seen onscreen. I wish they had used the square brackets for that purpose and
allowed parentheses for things like hymn page numbers, alternate song titles, etc. that
were to be seen by the audience; but that's an insignificant gripe

1/15/2019 6:35:57 PM
I agree. Very handy. We use () it quite a bit in song titles to denote different versions of the same song or alternate song titles, so they show up in the search,

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