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12/12/2014 9:12:28 PM
So I'm relatively new to SSP, but I've got an issue that I can't seem to get around.

I have SSP8 set up at our church on Windows 7, and it outputs to a screen that I have set to 1280x720 (due to some performance issues with the SSP video, I've backed it down from 1080 to 720). The setting to 720 is done within Windows, so SSP should simply see this as a 720 monitor, I believe. This works fine and I haven't been seeing any issues with this setup.

I have recently been trying to set up my programs on my laptop as a workstation, and that is where the issues have begun. My laptop is a 1920x1080 screen and is running Windows 8.1. I was running SSP8 on the laptop, but recently upgraded it to SSP8.1 in hopes that it would fix my issues. So in full disclosure, there is a mismatch between the version on the laptop workstation (SSP8.1) and the display computer at the church (SSP8), but this problem existed prior to the upgrade to SSP8.1.

When I create slideshows on the laptop workstation, everything looks fine and the text is formatted properly. I then copy all of the program information including the slideshows to the display computer at the church, and on some of the slides, the text is not formatted the same. The wrapping happens at different places (as if it is hitting a wall that the laptop didn't see), and consequently, some of the words sit on different lines. I have seen some other extremely bizarre behavior that probably isn't worth going into at risk of muddying the problem, but to put it shortly - the text is often a mess.

This time I decided to copy a program with slideshows the opposite way - from the display computer at the church to the workstation laptop. Sure enough, there's a mismatch, but this is where it gets tougher for me to decipher. On the workstation laptop, the text in the Slide Show Media Control and the Display Monitor (I'm referring to the two screens that show the preview in SSP) does not match and experiences the same kind of issues that I get when I take a slideshow from the workstation to the display computer. Now, it matches on some of the slides, but other slides are just off and it seems to think that it needs to wrap earlier in the display monitor. I can't figure out if we can attach images here, but if so, let me know how and I'll upload an image of what I'm seeing and you'll quickly see what I'm talking about.

I should give an idea of everything that I have tried. The slideshow setting is set to 16:9 and I am seeing a 16:9 image in both displays on the workstation. The embedded aspect ratio is also 16:9. I have tried hooking up the workstation to an external monitor and forcing that external monitor at 720 (to match my display set up at the church) and the same issue happens with the text formatting. I have taken the image in the workstation Media Control and the workstation Display Monitor and overlaid them in a Paint tool to compare the displays, and they are both 16:9 but the text is a pixel or two lower in the Display Monitor and it wraps earlier in the Display Monitor. It's hard to tell, but I think the text is actually a couple of point sizes larger in the Display Monitor (it's very close) which might make sense as to why that is wrapping sooner.

I really apologize for how long and wordy this is, but I was hoping to give as much info as possible. I'll gladly supply any addition information that might help with this. Thanks!

12/23/2014 5:37:59 PM
I would upgrade the projection computer to the same version as your laptop to take out that variable and see where it goes from them.

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