Version 8.1 > Song Text Transperancy


1/9/2015 12:16:30 PM
Hello everyone


We upgraded to SSP 8.1 in December.

On the earlier version SSP 7 we could overlay the background of a song with an image or motion by have background Improv turned on and selecting an image in the plug-in. The song text would remain visible.

In SSP 8.1 I am not been able to do this. For a song I have its image selected and then I also have the background Improv selected.

What happens is the song text is overlayed when I chose an Image or motion. What happened to the plug-in?

What am I doing wrong?     

Kingdom of God Christian Center (KGCC)

Austin, Texas, 78723.

1/9/2015 12:21:04 PM
I suggest contacting the support team so they can remote in and look at your settings to verify they are set correctly and check for conflicts.  It is possible that another level of Slide Property is overriding your setting.

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