Version 8.5 > SongShow Plus 8.5 Activation - please read first


12/1/2017 2:10:36 PM
UPDATE 7/30/2018:  Regular activation has been enabled for 8.5 and you must have a current subscription to activate.


You are checking out the latest version of SongShow Plus that is available.

There has been a small but important change to the activation process that will make it even easier for you to evaluate the latest features available in SongShow Plus.
As always, the SongShow Plus 8.5 version is installed separately without the need to uninstall 8.4 or worry about your source files - that has not changed.

As far as activating 8.5 - Now you don't have to do that during the preview phase.

Just ensure that you have the current version of 8.4 installed and activated on the same machine you install 8.5 and that your subscription is also current.
As long as these conditions are met, no activation process for the 8.5 preview release is needed and you can go immediately to exploring 8.5 as soon as it is installed.

NOTE: Make sure that 8.4 is installed and activated BEFORE you install 8.5 or you may encounter an installer error when installing 8.4 after 8.5 is already installed.  If this occurs, uninstalling 8.5, installing 8.4 and activating, then re-installing 8.5 will resolve the issue.

SongShow Plus 8.5 licenses will be issued when the product goes to production..

Thanks again for choosing SongShow Plus

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