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1/21/2015 10:15:12 PM
I'm hoping this is a simple solution and that I'm missing something obvious.  We recently upgraded our projection computer to Windows 8, and Song Show to v.8.1.  Overall, the transition seemed to go smoothly.  I did a backup on the old computer, used a thumb drive to restore the songs, and slideshows, and copied our images and background motions folder by folder directly in order to keep the file structure the same.  All was well the first Sunday using the new setup (Jan. 11).  A few minor details that probably no one but me and the other gal who runs the projection noticed!

Jan. 18 was a different story.  Of the 6 songs for worship, 5 were nowhere to be found.  These are songs we have done numerous times - they were just not there.  A mad scramble to get the lyrics retyped and sequenced was successful, and now I am trying to see where they are on the old system and why they didn't restore.

I can see the songs in the songs list on the old computer - they are in the User Database (when I look at source).  That makes sense, since they are songs that we have entered over the years.  When I run the backup, I select User Database, there is a considerable list of songs.  It creates a file, which I copy to thumb drive and attempt to restore on the new system.  It finds the file, but User Database is NOT listed and all the choices are greyed out - nothing is there to restore.

I searched the old hard drive for all *.sbsong files - there are plain song titles, titles, and UserDatase.songtitles - 950+ files, but there is a substantial number that are missing - comparing the song list within Song Show and the files found by search.  They are on the computer somewhere - but how do I find them to get them on the new computer?  What am I missing??  The source says (UD) as opposed to (SSP) and SOME of the (UD) come across in the restore, but there's a bunch that don't. WHY?  And how do I find them so we don't have to re-enter songs every week??? 

1/22/2015 2:03:31 PM

It sounds like you have been using SSP for some time.  The User Database has been deprecated and does not exist in Version 8. Later versions of Version 7 eliminated the need for it by expanding the native SSP database.

If you still have your old system with Version 7 on it here is the cleanest way to get all your songs:

On your old machine, launch Version 7 and under Songs > Show option, select the Source.
Find all the songs that are in the User Database that you want and clone them into the SongShow Plus database.
Once this is complete you can do a backup of the songs database and restore it to the new system.

If you do not have the old system anymore you can install Version 7 on your new system.  This will not overwrite Version 8 or change anything with your files but it will enable some of the deprecated legacy functions, including the User Database.  This is not as clean for this purpose since you still may have to jump through some hoops (systemically) to get the User Database to work in Windows 8.1.  Consult the KBs for tips on this.

If you have any trouble with this or have other questions, contact the support team and they can assist. 

1/22/2015 8:38:23 PM
Yes, we have been using Song Show for many years - love it!! We do still have the old machine - and I can see there are a number (like 100+) of songs with (UD) as the source. Is there a way to Select and "Clone All" at once, or do I need to do each individually? It will be tedious work, one at a time, but doable. I'm not at the church with the old system right now or I would try it.... In fact, I was going to do just that with one or two songs (Clone and save as a Song Show song) but thought I was just missing something simpler.

Thanks for the response.

1/23/2015 11:23:47 AM
Unfortunately there is no bulk clone option.

One thing you can do to speed this up is to select the database view options and de-select everything but the User Database.  This will reduce the song list to only the UD songs.

From the main tool bar select Songs > Search Databases and un-check everything but UD.  You may have to go through that step a few time to get them all de-selected.

Once that is complete, turn the SSP database back on and simply do a backup selecting the SongShow Plus Database.  This will gather all the song files and can then be restored on the new machine.

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