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9/8/2005 10:33:10 PM
Hello all,

I recently acquired SSP the other day and am getting acquainted with it.........

I noticed that whenever I display a chorus, the text is italicized. I read about it being a new feature in a recent release. How do I disable this feature? I tried to look, but couldn't find much. Surely I'm flat out missing something, or have just overlooked a checkbox?

Is there any way to save individual "songs" from a song database in SSP and transfer them to another copy of SSP? I'm mainly thinking compatibility with me working on the slideshow at home and then transferring it to the church projection computer.

Is there a way to have text, while in the same "verse", appear on different slides. E.g. if I had a song with an 8-line verse and I wanted to put 4 lines on each slide.


P.s. any guides or links to short training tutorials/tips for new users would be appreciated.

In Christ,

David Migl

9/9/2005 1:54:46 AM
Hey David,

Welcome aboard
Yes there are simple answers to all your questions. I will break your questions and answer them seperatly.

1. I display a chorus, the text is italicized.

This is just a simple setting  adjusted in two ways. Globally (for everything) or individually (each song or slide etc). To adjust globally press F11 or click on the global settings icon, then select song text. at the bottom of the song text screen is a check box that says. "italicize chorus, bridge and ending" uncheck that box.
To adjust the settings for just one song, click on the song in the program, then right click, edit display properties, then song text, then uncheck box. or make whatever changes you want to that paticular song or item.

2. Is there any way to save individual "songs" from a song database in SSP and transfer them to another copy of SSP?

There are again two ways to do this.
a) If you go to tools (top of page), then "Backup restore utility", Select "Backup" you can do an entire database backup or just select songs, slide shows images etc, and back up your pc. You would then go to PC 2 and select tools "Backup restore utility" this time select "Restore" and select the back up file and click start. This will restore all the data from PC1 to PC2.
b) The easiest way is to use package to go with a USB key or burn to CD etc. You build your program on PC1 then goto "File" then select "Package to Go" this packages all items needed for your program on PC1 and packages them all into a file. You then goto PC2 and select "File" then "Restore Package" this will then transfer the entire program to PC2.

3. Is there a way to have text, while in the same "verse", appear on different slides.

It is possible to display up to four pages to each verse etc. You can do this Globally or individually. First you need to "Edit" the song and insert the page break symbol. To do this right click on the song and select "edit" choose where you want to Split the Verse and hit CTRL + ENTER and insert the pagebreak symbol. You then need to adjust the "display properties" for the song to tell it to display "Page by Page" instead of "Verse by verse" To do this, right click on the song again and select "edit display properties" then select "Song Layout" You then need to click on the "Lyrics" tab, at the bottom of this page you will see a drop down menu, "Display Words" this is where you can select page by page, line by line, maximum number of lines etc. Select "Page by Page" 

Now when you display the song you will see the different parts to the verses. So if you click on V1 you can then either use the "Blue arrows??" to advance to the next part or hit the + button, 

There is one more setting you might want to play with, there is an option to set "when displaying multipart verses, use the default transition or cut for the multipart", To get to this default setting go to "Tools" then "preferences" then "Song transitions" then read the options.

Sorry for the Long response, If I need to explain better please ask again, 

If you havent already found this link to download the user manual here it is.

There are other variations on how to do all of the above,  I am sure others will also add there comments

Hope this helps



9/9/2005 5:18:43 PM
That works! Thanks for your reply. I knew I was just missing a simple setting somewhere!

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