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2/19/2015 3:26:06 PM
I'm hoping someone has done this because I didn't see it listed in the topics. I upgraded our version 7 system to version 8.0 and then to 8.1 11/11/2014 we were still using the old Song Select program while we were cloning the songs we needed out of that program over to SSP. during the install it said that I would need to leave version 7 pm the system in order for the song select songs to still work, I may have gotten this from support, I just don't remember. we finally got the songs cloned over and now I would like to get rid of song select and version 7 on this machine. I'm thinking that I should backup everything in SSP uninstall songselect, version 7 and version 8.1 and then just install version 8.1 and then do a full restore of the songs, programs, and slideshows that I backed up. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


2/19/2015 4:36:14 PM
No need to go through all that...

If you are done with the legacy stuff supported by the SSP 7 installation then you can just uninstall the items you do not want anymore, in this case SSP Version 7 (possibly Version 8.0 from your description) and SongSelect.

The data is not affected by the removal of the past versions so no need to worry about that.  Certainly it is always good to back up on occasion but not necessary for the removal of Version 7 and/or Songselect.

If you are making the transition to 8.1 and have all your songs you want, only 8.1 needs to be installed.

Hope this helps.

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