Version 8.5 > 8.5 Restore SSP Back-up = Catastrophic Failure


9/24/2018 10:09:23 AM
I am new to worship ministry and the SSP software. A new PC was purchased for worship services and an upgraded version of 8.5 was installed (fresh) on the new computer. We're going from a Windows 7 with SongShow Plus 2009 (02/26/2010 Build) to Windows 10 PC with 8.5. I know with the OS the file structure is different, but I'm having fun trying to find where the user files need to be saved.

I utilized the Back-up Utility successfully on the original PC, but get "Catastrophic Failure" on the new PC. I would prefer that the restore utility work as documented and not loose all the display text, order, etc. that was set up (over 700 songs), so if there is another location to find additional information about the "failure" or any assistance, I'd appreciate any feedback you could provide.

Thank you for your time and attention.


9/24/2018 1:48:48 PM
Hi Traci and welcome to SSP.

Sorry to hear about your difficulty - this should work as documented and has been tested to do so.  That said, it sounds like you are taking a leap of about 10 or so versions of SSP and there may have been some changes along the way for your content.

Depending on where you are getting the error, you may be able to selectively restore items to get most of your data.   Also if you want some additional help with this you can call in to the support team and they can provide assistance and guidance on full or partial restorations.


9/24/2018 4:50:06 PM

I stumbled onto the User File Directory [C:\Users\Public\Documents\R-Technics\SongShow Plus] and was able to take the \Songs file directory from the previous PC, save it off, and restore it to the appropriate sub-folder on the new PC. Once that was done, when I opened the songs for the first time, it rebuilt all the indexes and if the attached files (motion backgrounds, etc.) were available in the appropriate folder, we didn't lose anything.

Thank you for the prompt reply.


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