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9/13/2005 11:40:44 AM
I just tried to activate Songshow on a new computer and was unable to.  Windows XP assigned a drive letter other than C: to my hard drive.  I was told by Tech Support that activation codes can only be written to C: drives and they couldn't tell me if there was a fix in the works.

Windows will not re-asign drive letters to boot drives, so I am stuck with either adding another hard-drive, or re-partitionng the current one.

Anyone have a solution to this?

Seems to me like a fix is in order.

9/13/2005 12:40:45 PM
You will find this "problem" with several programs.

Out of couriosity, why did windows assign something other than C: to the HDD? Is it because you use a SATA drive while having an IDE/USB storage device connected? If it isn't to much work, I would recommend rebuilding the PC with only your Primary HDD, a floppy disk drive, and a CDRom connected. That is what I had to do on a friends PC when he was installing to a SATA drive. Windows recognized his Zip drive as the C:. On the next attempt, it tried to make his thumb drive as the C:.

Hope this helps.


9/13/2005 12:50:38 PM
My hard drive is a SATA.  I also have a multi card reader attached.  Windows did not assign any C: drive.  I wonder if it reserves C for an IDE drive?

Thanks for the idea.  With SATA drives becomming more common, this should be addressed by programmers.

9/13/2005 2:48:00 PM

I have never seen windows not make at least one partiction C:\, even if it was a 64MB USB storage device. Out of couriosity; when you open 'My Computer', what drives are currently listed?

Again, if it is not too much of a hastle, reinstall windows using just a FDD, HDD, and CDROM Drive. Even if it means opening the case and removing an internal cable to any other storage type devices. This is what I had to do to install windows on C:\ on my buddy's PC, and it could save you headaches down the road.

The reason for using a FDD is for MoBo drivers (press F6 when windows first starts to install) for the SATA HDD. You could also copy the drivers to a CDR/CDRW if your PC doesn't have an internal FDD.

BTW: Be sure to extract the drivers first if the manufacture has them in a self executing file.


9/13/2005 3:06:33 PM
I have an A for the fdd

D,E,F card reader

G is the DVD

H is the SATA Hard drive

I is another of the card reader slots.

I have another SATA drive on the shelf.  I think the easiest thing will be to install it, designate it C, and install SS on that drive. 

9/13/2005 11:12:03 PM
You might try creating a small partition and assigning it to C:.  Even if C: isn't the boot drive, as long as it exists, it should work for you.

9/14/2005 7:00:08 AM
How do I add a partition without wiping out the drive?  Can I do that?  If so, that is probably the best option.

9/14/2005 9:19:33 AM
Do a google search for BootItNG. It creates a floppy disk that has a partition manager on it.

Click cancel at the first prompt, as that just gives you the ability to choose which partition to boot to.

Click OK at the second prompt to access the partition manager. You can then resize you primary HDD to be smaller, then create a partition on the 'extra space' you just creates. You can then format it there, or use Disk Manager once windows starts up. If you don't have experience with Windows' disk manager, format the partition to FAT32 before you close (reboot) BootItNG. You could try the NTFS option for file security, but I have never tested to see if WinXP sees that version of NTFS.

There is also a Program called PowerQuest (and I am sure several more), but it is not as small of a program, and it is MUCH more expensive (last I checked BootItNG was freeware {for personal use}).

gap (supporting the BOC at CLJN during DWC 1C)

9/14/2005 3:30:57 PM
Thaks for the suggestion.  I downloaded Bootit, carved out a chunk of my H: drive, Windows immediately recognized it as C: and I was able to install SS and unlock it.

I still hope the programmers fix this litle bug.

Thanks again.

Rick Everingham
9/14/2005 8:30:09 PM
Its not really a bug, a lot of software will not work correctly without a C: drive. 

9/15/2005 7:37:09 AM
A lot of people speed. That doesn't mean it's legal.

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