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10/15/2018 6:55:18 AM

I'm fairly new to this.

I'm looking for info on text boxes.     Right now,  I find it confusing.

I want to edit one of my slides.

There is one comment,  and then there are 4 steps.

I'm thinking I want 4 text boxes for each step so that when I hit the PLUS button, each numbered step will show as I keep hitting the plus button.

I've been looking but cannot seem to find a good article that explains text boxes.

Please advise,


10/15/2018 5:59:25 PM
That will work or ...

you could put all of the 4 lines of text in one text box and animate the lines
using the animate icon (5th from the right above the edit frame) or use
. that is, "control plus period". You can then rt. click the text box and
go to "properties" and select "bullets" if you wish, or leave the bullet type
blank for no bullets. If you find one bullet smaller than the rest, select all
(ctrl a) and select the font size again. Once the 4 lines are in one box, you
can rt. click and select the entrance animation you desire. If any one item is
longer than one line, you will get two (or more) lines each of which will
animate. If you want the multiple lines to animate as one, turn off the
animation of the 2nd, 3rd, ... lines and add tabs on the left so all the
lines are left-justified, if desired. The size of the tabs is set by "properties"
and then "spacing".

I hope this gets you started -- don't hesitate to ask again.


10/15/2018 6:13:00 PM
Since I don't use animations often, I usually do this by creating a slide with all 5 items as I want them. Then I clone it 4 times (so I have 5 identical slides). Then I delete the last 4 items from slide 1, the last three from slide 2, the last 2 from slide 3 and the last item from slide 4. Then I present this as 5 slides with whatever transition I like. Just make sure that, as you preview the slides, the text size doesn't change because it might have been shrunk on the 5 item slide and not on the 1 item slide. Adjust font size if this happens.

10/16/2018 4:04:19 PM
Thank you very much for your prompt response!


10/16/2018 4:05:18 PM
Thank you very much for your quick response.

I'll have some time to play around with this.

take care,


10/17/2018 11:34:11 AM
Quick FYI for you....

If you contact the support team they can get you hooked up with the training videos. 
They have a library of over 100 training videos as well as a large library of specific tips and trick for using SongShow Plus.

They can even answer questions for you and show you how it works.

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