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2/28/2015 9:14:23 AM

I just recently upgraded to Version 8.1 Production Build 11/11/2014 and am trying to get the "Import Program from Planning Center" feature working.

The overall framework imports very nicely, but when I go to "Select" the song.  There are no files associated with the "Plan Item".  Is there something specific that I have to do in Planning Center that will make the necessary files available?

I've been trying to find some documentation on how this feature works, but with little luck.

Thanks in advance for your help!


3/2/2015 11:22:35 AM
Hi Randy.

For each item type it may be a bit different but songs in particular might be a little confusing.  There are two ways for this to work.  

The first case is if you just list the song name in the PCO program.  In this case the info passed to us is that name and then when you "select" the song it will do a text search of the local song database and present matching options to select and add to the PCO program.  You may have to select a different database depending on where it might be stored - Stock, SSP or Christmas Carols.

The second case is if you have an actual file associated with the program in PCO.  It will allow you to add a song as a document in PCO and as long as it is compatible with one of our song import methods, it can be selected and imported.
Here is an example:
If you create a PCO program and add a song word document to the PCO program, upon import you can "select" the Plan Item for the song (which is the word doc) and when you select it the document is automatically pulled and opened in the Microsoft Word Importer for the song.  You can create the SSP song file via the importer and when complete it will be included in the imported program.

If you need assistance setting up programs in PCO you will need to consult their documentation on that...

Hope this helps.

3/7/2015 7:17:06 AM

That helps me to understand how the import works.

I've also run into a problem with some plans not importing.  Is there any way to determine why?


3/9/2015 9:17:14 AM

Glad the info helped....

RE: importation fail - I have not seen that behavior before but you could compare what is in the programs between ones that work and ones that don't.  As far as I know if it shows up in the importer it should come over.

To clarify - Are you saying that you don't see a particular program or do you see it and when it is selected it will not import.  Or maybe one component of the program won't import...

Please elaborate.

3/18/2015 5:41:00 PM
Will there be a future upgrade to the import utility to import/download other items such as a PPT?


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