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10/21/2018 11:59:24 AM
When it was first released, I thought I'd try using the Shared/Synchronized database. I don't recall if it was always in the menus/dialogue boxes before I tried it, or not.

I've settled on alternative sync options (specifically, Google Drive), and no longer have a need for the Shared database. Is there a way to remove it? Or remove it from the menus/dialogue boxes? I'm annoyed every time I need to import a song or media, I have to choose if it goes in the shared database or the SSP database. If the wrong one is chosen, it doesn't show up (since I don't want it to).


10/22/2018 10:07:07 AM
Yes you can...

First an FYI - The Google Drive integration for SSP, like the other 3rd party apps we support, is subject to change.  We have run into issues with changes in Google Drive in the past and fortunately we were able to compensate and restore the connection.  We were not able to do so when Dropbox made some changes so right now Dropbox is no longer supported.

If you are looking for something that you can share content with other SSP users you might consider SongShow Drive.

Now the steps:

From the main toolbar -- Settings > Synchronized Folders...

Once there you can log in and click on the Get Repositories button. After the list populates, deselect Shared.

Save and restart SSP - you should be good to go.  

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