Version 8.1 > Installed 8.1 still showing 8.0


3/16/2015 8:34:14 PM
I installed 8.1 this evening and received no error messages and a screen saying 8.1 installed properly. Yet I am still running 8.0 9-10-14 build. Any idea of what might have gone wrong?



3/16/2015 8:38:30 PM
If I try to reinstall 8.1 the installer tells me 8.1 is installed and asks me if I want to repair it or remove it.

Yet Help About tells me I am still on 8.0.

3/17/2015 10:29:51 AM
Be aware that the new installation model allows for the installation of multiple versions at the same time - installing 8.1 does not remove or overwrite version 8.0.

Most likely the installation was successful but you are using old links created for 8.0 to launch it.  If you go to Start > Programs > SongShow Plus 8.1 > SongShow Plus it will launch as expected.

FYI - you will need to activate again as this is a new version.  You will already have a license available if you are current.

Also if you are moving forward and have no use for 8.0 anymore then you can uninstall it completely without affecting 8.1 or any of your data files.

If you have issues with any of this, please contact the support team.

Mark Smith
3/17/2015 4:40:03 PM
George, thank you for the information and help. It was exactly as you said.

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