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11/8/2018 5:08:25 PM

Why can I no longer search songs by the CCL number?


11/9/2018 1:35:54 PM
In what version were you able to successfully search by the song number?

Unless it was in one of the 4 text search options (Lyrics/Author/Title/Notes) how were you searching?

11/10/2018 3:03:48 AM

I'm not quite sure how I got this to work.

I went to "Settings" and put my church's CCLI license number.

When I would search for songs, there is the box where i entered the ccl number.
I think what i just did was add our license number and then I clicked something that says "short list, tempo, etc." and I clicked "clear all filters."

All I know is now it is working and I am happy.

Thank you!

11/13/2018 8:44:31 AM
Hi Again.

I cleared up the multi-post -- it happens sometimes.

Regarding your search problem related to CCLI number - I am not sure I fully understand what you were trying to do but the entry of the CCLI number in settings is only used to display with the song, not search sorting.  It actually sounds like you had a filter set that was preventing you from finding what you were looking for and clearing the filters corrected that.  In any case is sounds like it is working as you expect again so that is good.

If you do run into trouble again contact the support team and they can walk through exactly what is going on so we can better troubleshoot the problem.

Thanks for using SongShow Plus.

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