Version 8.5 > MP4 in menu


12/8/2018 9:11:40 AM
Win 10, SSP 8,5
How come my mp4 videos don't show up in the videos menu??

12/9/2018 12:39:52 AM
Do you have the h264 plugin?

12/10/2018 8:36:06 AM
Nope. Is there some alternative to paying $50 just so I can play mp4 videos natively?
What if I download the h264 codec from online?

12/10/2018 9:54:17 AM
At this time there are no supported alternatives to the current H.264 plug-in for H.264 content playback in SongShow Plus though you can convert videos to WMV via a variety of methods.

12/14/2018 7:46:21 PM
Thanks, George. Yes, that has been my method mp4-->WMV

1/15/2019 6:33:45 PM
We played around with other free codecs several years ago. Worked for a little bit, but ended up messing up the computer.

We ended up paying the $50 x 3 for our three projection licenses and our MP4 playback has been working smooth since.

Do I think $50 is a little steep for a codec? Yes. But for us it was worth it in diminished headaches.

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