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Aaron O.
10/1/2005 6:37:22 PM

I was wondering if anyone else has had problems running the MPEG files from iWorship's MPEG Video Library?  We have been using the videos from discs A-F with great success over the last month and just purchased discs G-J.  However, the newest MPEG files are almost twice as large and I am experiencing playpack problems.  In SSP and WMP10.0 the motion video stutters while the audio and lyrics overlay play fine.  As a test I ran several of the new files in WinDVD and they played great so I thought I had found a solution (I was guessing it was the codec SSP and WMP10.0 were using).  Then Sunday service rolled around and we decided to change to a song that hadn't been checked yet...bad idea.  It played at about 125% speed in WinDVD without any settings being changed (all the others tested fine after service).  Of course everyone was very forgiving but I would like to know if anyone has a recommendation for running these files in SSP.  I have duplicated the problem on three rigs with different processors, MB of RAM, and video cards so I don't believe a specific hardware issue is the culprit.  Is there a way to select a different codec in SSP?  Reducing video acceleration in WMP10.0 improves things a little bit there but I would like to run everything in SSP.  I am waiting on a response from Integrity but I thought I would ask here since I just discovered SSPlash.

Thanks for listening,
Aaron O.

10/3/2005 10:58:15 AM
Try using the Lead mpeg-2 codec from 

They have a free trial version to download.  After that you can buy the mpeg-2 codec by itself for around 20$. 

Other than that, it sounds to me like there is a problem with the files themselves if Windows Media and WinDVD both have problems with them.

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