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10/1/2005 9:48:42 PM
I need to know what, if any, foreing languages are supported by
SongShow Plus; ie can I creat a song in the "songs" database that
is in french, spanish, or russian?

I have a multi-lingual congreation (english and russian) and it would
nice to be able to put up songs in russian occassionally.

Thanks much for any input on this

Kevin Richardson

10/3/2005 10:55:22 AM
There are churches out there that use Russian songs in their databases. 

Because of the way the cyrilic alphabet works however this can cause a few problems.  Mostly you need to keep your databases fairly small.  If you have a lot of songs it'd be best to break them up into mutliple databases using the "User Database" feature in SSP. 

10/4/2005 10:13:44 PM
One thing that we have done is that the Russian members within the congregation
that are bilingual have created Russian language songs using PowerPoint.  I am
of the mind at this point that the songs are best left in the PowerPoint format and
just import them into an SSP program file as they are in PP format.

Thanks much.

4/4/2006 1:06:42 PM
I have written plugins that support russian bigle. And by the way, with version 7.0 you I was able to have unlimited number of songs using Addtional Databases.

11/12/2008 9:44:01 PM
How were you able to display songs in Russian using SSP7? Can you please explain? Currently we use PP to display anything in Russian. Thanks.

11/13/2008 8:47:25 AM
We are able to display russian songs by creating multiple SSP song databses. (Placing all songs in one databse crushs the SSP because of index limitation).  If you need more info , i can explain how to do it.

1/21/2009 2:50:00 PM
Yes, please explain.   Currently we have V5.5 and on this new version7, the songs display as ????? ?????? ?????.  They already are in different databases.  I.E.   russian.songname.sspsong (or whatever the extension is, can't remember it now) and ukrainian songs have  and english.xxxx  so there are 3 databases..  still, the songs do not display, and when adding a new song, you rebuild the index, and ERRORS pop up.. whats the work around ?  Support team said install the June 2007 version, haven't tried that yet, will advise..

I am posting updates in the V7 section, since it really belongs there...

1/29/2009 8:49:55 PM


Could you please explain how you did it?

1/30/2009 12:02:36 PM
First of all please let me state that I do not own or use V5.5 so I'm not sure how different it is to V7.
Second - Everything I say below you do at your own risk - back up first.

I have cracked how to have/add multiple databases in V7  (I can see this coming in useful for me) - I have not tested everything and will leave that down to you to do - If you do find problems then come please back and say and we may be able to cure them.

1.) Close SSP.
2.) Goto "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\R-Technics\SongShow Plus\" (or wherever else your database is hidden).
3.) "Select" not open the folder called "Songs" and copy.
4.) Now go into "\ModuleData\Additional Databases"
5.) Paste
6.) Rename the folder to whatever you want to call that database - make a note of the name you will need it later.
7.) Go into the folder that you have just pasted and delete all the songs but not the 2 folders.
8.) Goto "Start" and then "Run"
9.) Type "regedit" and press "Enter"
10.) Make a Backup by going to "File" then "Export" and saving it somewhere (Select the option "All")
11.) Goto "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\RTechnics\SongShow Plus\Databases"
12.) Right click in a bit of blank space and goto "New\String Value"
13.) Put the folder name from earlier in as its name.
14.) Double Click on the "SongShow Plus" key to open it.
15.) Copy its value and then close it.
16.) Double click on the new key that you have just created.
17.) Paste the value that you copied from the "SongShow Plus" key into this one and press "OK"
18.) Restart SSP and it should find the new database.

Remember that you try this at your own risk so back everything up first - I have not tested all the song features out but it will certainly display the songs from the new database happily on my machine.

Let us know how you get on and I hope it helps.

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