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12/26/2015 3:42:19 PM
Are there any special settings to have a powerpoint presentation that is displaying on display 1 also go to the stage monitor?

All other slides display except powerpoints. I've tried using default settings on display 2 properties etc but hasn't helped.

During one service it displayed the last frame of a youtube video on the screen while the powerpoint presentation was on display 1.

Any ideas?

Config : Windows 7 64bit, Powerpoint 2013

12/27/2015 8:18:08 AM
I don't use a 'Stage Monitor", so I cannot speak to this. I was under the impression that it was possible with 8.0 and newer. I did search the Knowledge Base for Stage Monitor, but didn't find what I was looking for. There are a few items in "Feature Reviews" that speak to Stage Monitor...

Mirrored Content to the Stage Display
Customize Stage Display
Stage Monitor Output

12/28/2015 11:59:15 AM
This should work.

I would check the settings noted for your version of PPT in the KBs if applicable.

Also - do you have a ProKey system from GFM?

If you don't know what that is then you probably don't but if you do, there may be other settings that are needed.

Either way contacting the support team is the best course of action so they can take a look.

1/4/2016 6:30:32 AM
Powerpoint files display fine on Display 1..
I couldn't find any KBs that are applicable and it's not a ProKey system.
Thanks George, I'll contact the support team

1/5/2016 7:57:13 PM
I have the same issue. It's supposed to work but doesn't.

4/3/2016 5:47:27 PM
Hi George,

Is there any update on this? I sent a support request a few months ago, no reply so far.



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