Version 5.5 > Custom Watermark


10/13/2005 10:21:31 PM
I have created a custom watermark that we would like to show in the lower left corner of the screen.  It works fine as long as we do not have a motion background or video file.  I can resize the video file and see that it is peeking out behind the video.  Is there any way to get it to always be on top?


10/13/2005 10:48:53 PM

Not at this time, but expect it in a V7 evolution!

8/20/2006 6:01:28 AM
I am also wanting to have a watermark over video. So firstly, can SSP7 do this yet? and secondly, does anyone know where I can download a free program or something that will do watermarks outside of SSP, so it will still show even if I use other programs on the computer?

8/21/2006 6:23:17 AM
You can do this in V7 by setting your watermark image as the background image for the song. Then set your motion background and in the video effects, set the transparency (or opacity, I can't remember which it is called) down a bit, so the watermark shows through.

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