Version 8.1 > Strange Behavior


5/29/2016 10:34:09 AM
So something strange happened to our V8.1. I did a windows upgrade to Win 10, then rolled it back to Win 7 cause were not quite ready to on our main PC. So what has happened now is that the video's folder is not working correctly. It will only show whats is the main directory for files, it doesn't list any subfolders that we have in the directory. All the other folders like slideshows, audio, ect... show the sub folders properly. The video folder is the only one not working all of a sudden. There has been no changes to the file system or changes to permissions on folders. I just did the win 10 upgrade to lock in the upgrade but then immediately rolled it back to win 7 without any changes to the system.
I will try installing a newer version of SSP to see if that fixes our problem, just found it very strange that this has happened.


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