Version 8.5 > Buggy on a new speedy system


7/21/2019 5:42:42 AM
Windows 10 / running Version 8.5 Production Build 2/7/2019
Completely new system.
i9-9900k, 64mg ram, quadro rtx 4000 video card, 512mg ssd boot drive.

Fonts: not able to select a font, seems to always default to an arial looking style
(read similar problems here, but the fix did not work 'linked fonts' I found some TTF fonts that worked... sometimes. After working with a program, these fonts jinxed as well.)
Background videos: sometimes they show, most often not. reverting to a black background
Image backgrounds: same as above.
Settings in the slide properties pull down do not hold once set.

I Just ordered a new system for the church media system to push the graphics with similar spec's. 
My confidence in SSP is very very very low at this moment.

Calling support on Monday. Posting to see if others are having the same issues?

7/23/2019 6:14:35 AM
I spoke with Support at SongShow Plus. The issues I am having are known issues and they are working on them.
It sounds like they are putting more effort into getting version 9 out than fixing the issues with v 8.5 and windows 10. The support tech said that all of these issues have been fixed in v9

I have a new system coming in this next week with Windows 10 that will be the main media system for the church.
Any suggestions on how to work this out? For the near term I am thinking of loading windows 7 so SSP 8.5 will function properly. I drag my feet in doing this because of one software program that is not being actively updated.
I may need to look into other software.....
Any advice out there?

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