Version 8.5 > Shadow Disappears


7/28/2019 4:18:46 PM
I use shadow on song lyrics and scripture.  Every once in a while they will disappear and the only way to get it back is to restart program.  Tonight it happened when I used the color improv on songs.  Any ideas?

8/3/2019 7:35:09 AM
I have not seen this before. Does it only happen on one computer?

If you only have one computer with a Projection license, you can open SSP with a different user account (on the computer) to have different settings used. This is a good way to test if you have an individual setting causing this. You will need to readjust your control panel layout because using a different user account (on the computer) will open SSP with the default settings.

8/5/2019 12:30:35 PM
We have had this happen periodically on different computers.
I have found that switching to a different SSP Program and back again will cause the shadows to return.
Closing and re-opening SSP also works - but takes longer

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