Version 8.2 > Margins Property Not Affecting Background Margins


2/6/2015 11:24:34 AM
For slides made with slide builder, the general margins property isn't affecting the background margins even when the background layer margins are set to be relative to default margins.  The background layer margins still work otherwise.

2/9/2015 10:40:57 AM

Can you elaborate on where/how you are setting the margins.  Are you setting these in the SSP Slide Properties or in the SSB Themes properties?  Maybe both?

If you can give me your exact settings location and selections I can see if I can replicate this.

2/9/2015 1:14:51 PM
I believe it happens with both SSP Slide Properties and SSB Theme properties. I'm not at the work computer right now though. I will confirm tomorrow.

2/10/2015 3:21:12 PM
Every margin setting (the top most property group) location I could find seems to have the same problem whether it's in the slide builder as a property for 1 particular slide or theme properties, or in SSP's properties for the whole slideshow. Text and image objects are still affected by the margin setting, just not the background.

2/11/2015 10:55:56 AM
Hi Dean,

Based on what you described, I believe it is working as expected.  It also works the same way in prior versions.

By design, the settings in the Margins property group effect everything except the background.  If you want to modify the background margin, that has to be done within the Background property group.  It seems that you are doing that with the "relative to" setting in the Background group.

I checked this by setting the main Margin property to 5% and then setting the Background property Layer Margin to relative to Default Margins without changing anything else and the background color was adjusted to 5% as expected.
You may want to check and verify that there are no other slide specific properties that you have set that may be overriding this.  One challenge with having many layers of detail is that sometimes they can step on each other.  Also keep in mind that if you have several background layer that this setting must be set for each layer separately. 

If this is still behaving badly and you cannot find a conflicting setting, you might try resetting all the properties to default to be sure.

If this persists let me know and we can take a look.

2/13/2015 1:04:03 PM
What I'm describing is something that worked correctly in prior versions, but no longer in the 8.2 version. I have made sure the backgrounds have been set to relative to default margins.

I created a brand new slide with the new slide builder and used multiple layers on it. I had a black color background relative to the entire screen and a green color layer background set to relative to default margins on top of the black color bg layer. The margins property I had set to lower thirds (75% from top), but the green color still took up the full screen. This was without using any themes.

I believe the properties applied within slide builder are suppose to override any other settings because they usually do, but no other properties beside the default properties for display 1 properties were set, but I did change those too with no luck just to be sure.

I can't think of a reason why it's working for you and not for me though.

2/13/2015 2:37:27 PM
OK Dean - thanks for the info.  It sounds like I may not be getting all the relevant info.

Let's make sure we are at the same starting point and comparison....

First, you are saying there is a difference between 8.2 and prior versions but do not state which versions you used.  Have you compared this to version 8.1?  If so that is great and that should make the verification step easier.

Second, You talked about setting multiple layers and setting various properties and stated that you did not use Themes, meaning that you are setting these properties at the Slide rather than Slide Show level - is that correct?

Finally, I think the easiest was for me to see what you are doing and where the problem is would be to do the following:

In a prior version, preferably 8.1, create the slide as you intend it to work with the settings you say do not work as expected.
Open this slide in 8.2 and see if it changes.  If it does then there would appear to be an issue.  If that is the case package that slide so I can get it from you.  Once I have that in hand it will be easy to compare and determine the issue.

Thanks for the feedback and trying out 8.2.

2/13/2015 5:22:40 PM
First, yes, I was comparing this to a slide that worked correctly in 8.1 but no longer in 8.2.

Second, I was setting them at the Slide rather than the Slide Show level. Though, with other tests, I tried by theme and Slide Show level too with the other level of properties not set, so they would not override other properties.

How should I send the package to you? By email? or is there a way to send it through the forums? or something else?

2/20/2015 10:51:57 AM
Thanks Dean,

I got your emails and I did respond.  I just wanted to close the loop here in the forums in case someone else was following....

I have now replicated the issue you were seeing and will work to resolve.

FYI - it seems the same behavior occurs with reference to the Background Margin setting as well.


2/27/2015 1:45:49 PM

While investigating this there were additional margin issues discovered.

There was a new build posted that does address some but not all margin issues.

The intent is for these to be fully resolved in the upcoming build.

3/19/2015 5:24:30 PM
The margin issues should be completely resolved now.

Let us know if you run into other margin issues.

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