Version 8.5 > Can't get new fonts to work in SSP


8/19/2019 8:23:28 AM
I can't seem to get new fonts to work in SSP.
I am up to date, and they are .ttf files. I have restarted SSP and rebooted my computer. The fonts show in the options menu for Song Title and Text C, but revert to some default font on screen. Previously downloaded fonts are working, but not the most recent ones

Over the last several days I tried these fonts:
Gosmick Sans
Permanent Marker
Just Another Hand
Walter Turncoat  

Am I just finding fonts that don't work in SSP?  Should they be working, and there is something wrong at my end?
Any guidance would be appreciated.

8/19/2019 2:40:36 PM
If it helps the investigation, the last font I downloaded that worked was on 5/28/19.

8/19/2019 5:23:06 PM
I'm not sure this is related, but you might take a look at:
especially where I documented the MS and the SSP problems.

8/19/2019 5:46:41 PM
Thanks, Dick! I did read your thread and tried your fixes, but with no luck. I do appreciate the help, though.

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