Version 8.2 > Objects on slide smaller on projector screen


3/2/2015 2:58:23 PM

I have now upgraded to version 8.2 and one of my reasons was I was hoping it would fix one of my issues.  When I set up a slideshow it looks different in the program than it does on the screen.  I have this with all the slides that I build where it looks bigger on my computer monitor than it does on the screen.  Is this something I need to fix within the program?  I did not have this issue until I upgraded to version 8. 

3/3/2015 11:23:09 AM
This may depend on a few factors.  If this is consistent with all version 8.x installations you have tried then it is probably as expected but we can check.  Can you elaborate on what exactly is "bigger" on the edit screen. Where in the program is it different?  Are there certain objects that are different? text? images?  Did you check your margins?  If reduced these may "shrink" the content to keep it in the designated space.  

Is the change subtle or considerable? 

Can you still project from Version 7 and it looks "Normal"?  

I recommend that you review the settings but if this persists, we should get a copy of the program to investigate.

3/30/2015 12:07:44 PM
Hi again - after playing around with the program I realized if I make a new slideshow than it showed correctly but it was the older versions that were not.  So I will just stop using the previous made slides and make new ones. 

3/31/2015 4:19:09 PM
OK - if that works for you...

It would still be interesting to know what the difference is.  If you display the same slide in 7 then in 8 and it looks different then you should contact the support team and give them a package of that slideshow so we can see if something is being done incorrectly.


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