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11/6/2019 11:52:11 AM
Good Morning

I have been using songshow for more years than I can remember and I am finally trying something new but feeling a bit lost trying to figure it out.

I have the latest version of songshow and we want to use a countdown timer in the preservice announcement slides.  I need to make this as easy as possible for the volunteers.

I realize I need to use Overlay Improv but I am not sure how to add it to the slides show.  I have tried adding it but the slides don't continue and it stays on the first slide and counts down.

IS there a way to save a countdown in a slideshow and when the volunteer starts it it will automatically start counting down?

Any tips or advice is very welcome!

11/11/2019 12:15:25 PM
Hi and thanks for using SongShow Plus.

You are correct that you could use Overlay Improv to get a timer however this still requires a manual step to apply it.

You are also correct that when added to a single slide, a slideshow will not advance automatically until the timer is complete.

There are a couple of techniques you can use that involve animations that should work for you.

Please contact the support team and they can see what might work best for you.

11/15/2019 7:58:16 PM
I have a countdown slide in my announcements. I actually have one for top of the hour, bottom of the hour and the next quarter hour. I did create these in an earlier version, so I cannot say for sure that it can be created in 8.5. When I imported the files from an "experienced" computer to our newer computer it imported as a video. The slide counts down to the hour (or 1/2, 1/4 hour), and then stays at zero (0:00) as long as the slideshow is not stopped and restarted when the service doesn't start on time.

If I remember to do so, I will check this weekend to see if one can be created in 8.5. I think they are actually created as a video.

11/17/2019 5:39:33 AM
Yes, you can still create a timer in 8.5.
Go to the Video tab under Media Files
Click the Create or Acquire From... icon
Select Timer Creator near the bottom of the list.

You can then add that timer as a video in your slide show.

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