Version 5.5 > Help! How do I make SSP use Quickverse 2005?


10/22/2005 3:44:50 PM
I just installed SSP this week and Quickverse 2005 today. What must I do to get SSP to recognize them?

Thanks in advance!

10/22/2005 4:34:27 PM
You'll need to do to downloads and download the promodule for QuickVerse.

However, I don't know if QV 2005 is supported, according to thier web page, , they support QuickVerse 7.

10/22/2005 6:14:33 PM
QV 2005 is supported.

10/24/2005 8:10:28 PM
Thanks everyone!

I have it working now. I'm too new to completely understand how to activate Promodules, and that was the problem.

10/27/2005 5:55:24 AM

Welcome to the forums!  Feel free to ask away.  We were all new at one time. :p

12/9/2005 9:50:42 AM
Posted By dreece on 10/22/2005 6:14 PM
QV 2005 is supported.

Great! Now what about QV 2006?

I so far can't get SSP to recognize that it's there, even with the QV ProModule installed...

12/9/2005 10:38:02 AM
Install QuickVerse 2005, or make QuickVerse provide SSP with the changes they have made for 2006.

The makers of QuickVerse for some reason are not organized enough to let programers know of changes they make to their software. Considering they do this every year, and SSP has to ask them every year what changes they made, you would think they would have this down by now.

I WILL NOT purchase any software by any company that is that inconsiderate to their customers.


12/9/2005 10:42:42 AM
Regarding QV2006, have no fear!  We know that it's a problem and I'm currently double checking the fix for it.  I'm testing the installer for it right now.

Keep an eye on the SSP Update page, we should have the solution out very soon.

When we post it I'll update this post to let you all know.

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