Version 8.5 > Abbreviation of Bible version?


11/25/2019 8:49:27 AM
In the program panel is there any way to show, for example, NIV rather than "New International Version 2011" after scripture items??

11/27/2019 10:55:43 AM
Yes - but not a setting.

From the Program Panel you can right click on just about any object and modify the displayed title.   

Select > R-Click > Item Title...  then add the alternate text you want to show.

This is a manual process but is saved in the program.

11/30/2019 8:25:02 AM
I may be missing something, but this looks like I would have to type in the entire scripture reference just to change the final "New International Version 2011" to "NIV." If I am correct in this, it is not a very good solution. Maybe in all the fancy changes/additions in version 9, a simple addition like this could be 'snuck' in.

3/27/2020 8:10:46 PM
In Display Properties -> Scripture -> Scripture Text Layout -> Build Options

Check "Show translation abbreviation"

3/31/2020 8:11:54 AM
Hi Joel.

That will work when projecting the scriptures but what Dick was looking for was a setting for the display in the program panel.  Unfortunately there is no setting for this.

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