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1/2/2020 9:59:30 AM
I made a timer to countdown to next 1/2 hour which I use Improv to show in the top corner
of a looping announcements slideshow. I assume all the timers are on transparent backgrounds.
Often, as the slideshow moves automatically from one slide to the next, the timer background
will change from transparent to black and then back again to transparent, more or less randomly.
Also, periodically, the countdown will freeze in the background while continuing to countdown
over the frozen number. Weird behavior which keeps me from using the timer in Improv. The
timer is a really good idea only partially well-implemented.

1/7/2020 4:52:05 PM
I just use the timer as one of the slides in the loop. I had noticed the behavior you mention (even as a full slide) when I was using 8.4 and WIN7, but it has not happened since upgrading to winblows 10 and 8.5.


1/8/2020 8:11:28 AM
Thanks, Gary --
Yeah, that's what I've resorted to. I thought that displaying a timer would be a good use of Improv, but that
doesn't seem to be the case.

1/8/2020 9:47:31 AM

To confirm your initial assumptions:
  • Yes - A Timer background is transparent by default.
  • Yes - Use with Overlay Improv is a supported use of Timers.
  • Yes - It should appear transparent consistently regardless of the other content.
That said, I was able to replicate both of the behaviors you described - the number "ghosting" and the black background - though it was not consistent.

It took me quite a while to see the first instance and then another bit of time for a second instance.  I rotated thought additional content for 30 min after that and could not make it happen again.

Is there a type of content or action that seems to cause this behavior for you? 
We would like to address this and as always, the trouble is consistently replicating it to determine the root cause.  Any info you can provide on this would be appreciated.


1/10/2020 12:51:44 PM
For me it was random, and nothing I could think of would make it happen. It just did it whenever it wanted to.


1/20/2020 6:57:03 AM
I couldn't tell exactly what was causing it. The only conditions for which I
have tried using the timer with Improv was a continuously looping
set of announcements (~10) which had slides with a motion background and
some animated text. The count-down was to the next 1/2 hour.

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