Version 8.5 > Time line display for slide shows?


1/8/2020 8:22:09 AM
When trying to match text to audio, e.g., using a slide show to show
song lyrics as the song is played, it would be so very helpful if the slides
and text could be timed from the beginning. Presently, each text box
has to be designated by wait time, animation time, and time to end.
So there is no easy way to tell when the text will show short of adding
up of the individual times. It would be nice if there was an option to
display text times from the beginning rather than just individually. Perhaps
this can be done and I have missed it. Otherwise, I would submit it as
a wish if there was a wish list!

1/8/2020 10:31:07 AM

Currently there is no "time line view" that you described.

1/10/2020 1:02:10 PM
I once built a SSB to Wherever We Go for VBS, with a hopping Kangaroo at the initial notes of the song. And I had to do like you, time each slide for as long as the words needed to be on the screen. I actually thought that was easier that trying to put words on a timeline.To each his own I guess.

Although, doing it that way did require playing the song WAY TOO MANY times. But it is a great song, so I enjoyed it.


1/13/2020 9:11:58 AM
I find it easy to get the times for song words (for example) from the
beginning of the song, but that is very difficult to translate to SSB
applying the wait time, animation time, time to finish. I do it, but
not happily! I would be a simple matter for the programmer to
include a timeline as an option, but doubt it will happen -- too many
"high tech" irons in the fire!

1/13/2020 9:13:55 AM
Gary, it looks like you, me, and Joel are about the last of the "old-timers."

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