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11/2/2005 12:18:34 AM
I apologize if this isn't the proper forum.

For those of us going to this session, is there a minimum level op PC we should bring?

I am bringing my "workstation" PC and monitors, and I am considering bringing a laptop or two that I have at my disposal. One is a Dell C610, one is a C640 (for keeping in touch with work), and one is a D600 (also for work). The D600 with an alternate HDD can run most features of SSP 5.5, but is limited in memory. The C6xx are pretty limited.

If these laptops are too limited, I can just leave all but one at home. I have to have one of my work laptops in case I am needed, so I will more than likely bring the D600. Also, I would prefer to leave the monitors at home if someone there will have spares. Anyone know what resorces will be available?



11/2/2005 9:37:56 AM
I don't know what kind of equipment the venue will have but you could always just bring one monitor and run in single monitor mode for training.  It'd save the hassle and space of two monitors if nothing else.  Just a thought.

11/2/2005 10:28:29 AM
We will be training on SSP V7.  If you try to follow along in SSP 5.5, there will be times when that will be difficult or impossible.  At other times, for those who have experience with SSP, following along in 5.5 will be managable.  However, I highly recommend installing the SSP V7 beta for the training event.

Many, if not most, of the topics will not revolve around the high-end graphics features.  If your laptop machines can run SSP in the non-high-end graphics mode, then they could still be useful.  For those times when we are discussing high-end features, you can always watch the presentation machine and learn from that.

I would not recommend bringing extra monitors.  We have a large number of people signed up so I expect that space and power will be tight.

See you in Charleston!

11/2/2005 10:30:05 AM
I just took a little tablet PC with a 12" monitor and that did what I needed for the hands on part. I wasn't able to do any of the high end graphics stuff, but I could participate in the meat of the course.

You do need a CD drive to load the class files. I didn't have one, so I just downloaded some samples that were close enough to be able to do the exercises.

11/2/2005 5:14:50 PM
Thanks for all the input.

I will bring the "workstation" and the D600 with an alternate HDD.

Now I just need to be able to get out of work at a decent time tonight so i can prepare.


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