Version 8.2 > Making Sure Invisible Underline is Intended


5/22/2015 3:43:23 PM
I've been told that the extremely thin underline to the point that it is invisible is intended.
I'm just gonna post a screen shot to make sure that it really is intended.

It looks fine in slide builder and in the media control, but the display output you can't see it unless it's really big and then you can very barely see a faint line.  Is this how it's suppose to look?

5/26/2015 4:38:45 PM
The underline does currently work as expected.  The render in the preview windows may appear slightly different due to the size of the window but as long as the presented output is showing up then this is expected.  I see that in your image that the Display Monitor and Stage Display previews are very faint and I saw the same on my test systems but the projected output looked as expected.

One way that you could check this to see if it was missing would be to apply the underline animation so that the underline appears before the text.   This will verify that the underline is working.

If you are unable to see the underline at all on the projected output or during the animation test let us know.

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