Version 8.5 > Mobile Control not connecting to SSP program


Albion Bible Church
1/17/2020 7:09:27 AM
Mobile Control does not connect to SSP program even though Mobile Control on three devices, Ipad Air, iPhone 10 and Galaxy 3, do connect to the PC.  Turnng off all Firewallls does not change things, still cannot connect to the SSP program. I have Mobile Control set properly in Settings.  All three devices failed to connect around the same time.  I do get the rectangular box with the picture of a vertical desktop pc with a monitor next to it on the wireless devices.  At the top of the page it says, "Select Machine"  When I click on the box it changes color and shows "Windows-H82MDAQ" that is my laptop.  All that is normal.  The APP just can't find the path to the SSP program.  At the very bottom of the Mobile Control device is a note, "No route to host." "Socket error #65, invalid argument.  Surely others have seen this problem.

1/20/2020 8:30:59 AM

What Version of SSP are you using?

You said they all failed to connect around the same time, implying that they all did connect as expected at some earlier time - Is that correct?

This error is a known issue with SSP 9.0 and is addressed in that forum section.

Please confirm which version you are using.  If it is 8.5 then please contact support.  If it is 9.0 then apply the correction noted in that forum section.

Albion Bible Church
1/21/2020 3:31:38 PM
Was able to correct problem by disabling IPV6 setting in Advance Windows Network Settings.  Thanks Brian, George and Brad for your assistance.

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