Version 8.2 > Stroke Lines are Small (Checking if intended)


5/22/2015 3:50:57 PM
Stroke lines appear normal in slide builder, but on the display output, they become a lot smaller (much like underlines).

Here's an example of a white stroke that is size 10 drawn under the text:

 It looks normal in media control and Slide Builder, but on the display output, it's pretty small even for the largest size.

5/26/2015 5:44:58 PM

This is similar to the underline as well in that the render may look slightly different in the previews but it is correct on the projected output.  It has to do with the relative size of each one.  If you expand the previews they will be closer to the projected output.

It does appear to be working as expected.

7/13/2015 11:50:59 AM
We've just updated to 8.2 and I've noticed the stroke artifacting is back like I haven't seen in 8.1.

We are using Gnuolane from (which I love and highly recommend, especially on a 4:3 screen)

I belive the stroke settings are thickness of 2 drawn under the fill. Maybe 4.

7/18/2015 6:05:56 AM
Seems to be better now. I'll keep an eye on it and if it shows up again, I'll try to grab a screen shot.

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