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11/6/2005 2:28:39 PM
Our first projector system was completely fried by lightning back in June. We have gotten a new system in place and the last thing we need is to get our SSP software installed (and running) on our new computer… last night we finally got the time to do install all the software. It appeared to be installed and running just fine for about 30 minutes or so when we noticed that the lyrics were no longer showing up on the projection screen or even in the display area… Here’s what is does. When I select anything to go on the “display” only the background will fade in, no words or bible verses… I looked in many songs files and all the lyrics are there but they will not show up on screen, same thing with bible verses and slide shows. I even tried making new songs that I knew were saved in the right place and had lyrics that I TYPED in… I unistalled and reinstalled the software 4 different times trying different things each time and still have no text when I display a item… I even looked at all the “display” settings and made sure the text hadn’t been switched to invisible… I’m all out of ideas… PLEASE HELP!

11/6/2005 3:18:21 PM

I know this might seem like a dumb question, but it is all I can think to ask at this time. Is your font color set the same as your background color?

If that doesn't resolve the issue, try calling FowlerInc tech support at 1.800.729.0163. If you call after hours, I believe the message provides an after hours number to call for mission critical (during/just before a service) situations.


11/8/2005 5:02:13 PM
that was the first thing i checked. That is not the problem . The text was there for about 30 minutes to an hour... then it was just gone... this is a brand new computer and we have updated the new "drivers" still nothing... It has to be some sort of "bug" or setting that was changed in the program.

11/8/2005 7:19:55 PM

Well, I know the first thing tech support will tell you is to check for video driver upgrades and you've already done that, so you are one step ahead.

What do you mean that they won't show up in the display area? Do you mean the copy of what goes to the projector that is on the control panel? With cue, next and current, or something like that?

Could you try just hooking up a second monitor to your second video out of the computer? That might be a good test to make sure that the projector and the cable to the projector are not at fault.

Once you try that, I'd give fowler a call and see where they will lead you next.

11/10/2005 5:55:35 AM
When you have a song entered as a program item, the program inspector panel enabled, and the song item selected, do the lyrics show in the inspector panel?

You've verified the fonts are installed on the new computer, correct?

5/21/2006 7:42:27 PM

I just started having this same probnlewm in the last 3-4 weeks.  The weird thing is that it is inconsistent and happens only on the last songf of the service - each time it happens, only that song is impacted.  Did a possible cause/solution ever get worked out?

Dan Mefford

FBC Savannah, MO




5/21/2006 7:47:16 PM
Gosh, we've been running SSP for a long time now and never had this problem.  I wish I could help you.  Have you tried version 7?  I hear it is more stable.

5/21/2006 8:20:39 PM
This same exact thing would happen to us when we were running 5.5. on a hyperthreaded machine. It was very sporadic, just like you mentioned. When we finally turned off hyperthreading, the problem went away.

5.5 will not run consistenly on a hyperthreaded or dual core machine. If it is hyperthreaded, you can turn off hyperthreading in the BIOS.

If you have a dual core machine, I've heard there are ways to tell SSP to only run on one core, but I don't have any experience with this.

V7 works fine on hyperthreaded and dual core machines. And we are less than 2 weeks of the formal release. The code out now is very solid. We've been running V7 for months.

5/22/2006 7:11:49 AM
Have you tried increasing the size of the text object? If the amount of text exceeds the size of the text object AND if the text properties of the object are NOT set to "Shrink to fit", the text will not appear when previewed or projected.

5/22/2006 9:24:32 AM
Thanks for the ideas. Text size is fine. However - the hyperthreading was turned on. I have turned it off - we'll see if it fixes the issue - anyway - it may be a moot point as we get readyt to swing full speed into ver 7. Thanks again

5/22/2006 9:58:45 AM
Well, I would again start by making sure you have your video drivers up to date. 

Also, what are the other specs of your computer? 

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