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5/29/2015 1:44:07 PM
An updated TEST release of SongShow Plus version 8.2 dated 05/27/2015 is now available from the Downloads page on the SongShow Plus site.  You must have a current subscription and be logged in to the SongShow Plus site to get this download.

This is a TEST release, which means that all features are locked and we believe that the major issues have been resolved. The purpose of the release is to let you examine something close to the finished product and begin transition planning.
At this time it would be helpful for users to report every problem found. While we are aware of a few things remaining, we want to get as much resolved before the production release as possible. 
If you are having any problems using a feature, see a typo or anything else that is a concern, please post a question about it on this forum. If you have a new question or comment, please start a new thread.  Please limit the thread to a single issue to make it easier for everyone to follow.

The production release should be made in the next week so please take a look at this now.  
Reminder - this can be installed side by side with your existing build.

Some updates to Version 8.2 are:
  • Corrected issue preventing content updates from applying when more than one display is enabled.
  • Corrections made to copy/paste in slideshows.
  • Corrections made for the Undo/Redo shortcuts.
  • User Guide updates.

Additional details may be found in the Version 8.2 area if there was a post on an issue. 

Thanks for your interest in SongShow Plus

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