Version 8.5 > export slide show as video?


5/2/2020 1:43:06 PM
Is it possible to export a complete slide show (songs, scripture, slides, videos) as a video file?
We have been trying to stream our worship and the screen shows up with incorrect colors
(probably due to DLP projector). We would like to try to get the screen as a separate
video and then add it to the video of the pastor, musicians, etc. I know that I could
use a VGA splitter, but it would be neater to just send the projector signal to the PC.

5/4/2020 9:37:15 AM
I don't think it is possible.

If you have a newer version of PPT installed, you can use screen capture import to record the display screen. It's won't capture any audio, but it will capture video that would normally go to the projector. Once the capture is complete you can save the video to your computer.

5/4/2020 11:04:18 AM
This is not a tool that is available in SSB however there are several 3rd party screen capture tools that you can use (some free) that will also capture audio.  I think you would just need to make sure your intended screen res was set before starting but it should be fairly straight forward.

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